Friday, 20 May 2016

Nigel of Hyde Park

My first post in the categorie "books" is not what you expected I guess.
Of course I will review on some swim-books aswell, but for the start, I chose something else.

Nigel of Hyde Park is a children's book telling the story of the dragon Nigel, Prince of Hyde Park. He is to become king of Hyde park soon, but due to his overactive imagination, he is afraid of nearly everything.  

The book is about facing your fears and finding courage.
What I like most about it is the sentence (I translated it from German)
"Nigel turned towards the only thing that gave him comfort: his bathtub. He didn't know if it was the wam water or the foam bubbles in all colours of the rainbow, Nigel was Feeling light hearted and free. There were no Monsters in his bathtub... In his bathtub he was invincible! Actually Nigel of Hyde Park could reign happily from his bathtub...."

I feel the same about a bath. And I always use some Kind of bath salt.
Kneipp company has a lot of different bath salts. Additional to the standard fragrances, there are different special "moods" like
"it will be alright", "walk at the beach" and "winter's day"...

Nigel of Hyde Park by Carina Axelsson

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