Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Glenfinnan Viaduct

Did you watch the Harry Potter movies? Then you know the Hogwarts Express... In reality it is an old scottish Train called "The Jacobite" which runs from Fort William to Mallaig. It crosses the famous Glenfinnan viaduct.  Last time I visited Glenfinnan Station and walked up the hills to that spotter place... waiting for the steamtrain! I was really really anxious and didn't want to take the camera down for one second too afraid to miss it! Thank you littel sister for coming along and taking that shot!

Finally I could hear the typical sound of an approaching train and the steam appeared in the small wood. It was great! Excited as a child I jumped and waved and started to take photos. It was over to soon. On the way down it started to drizzel, but nothing could lower my spirits. After 15 minutes we arrived at Glenfinnan Station and the "Jacobite" was still there. What is so cool about steamtrains? I have no idea but I love them! As did my father. Glenfinnan Staion is a small privat museum with a shop, a sleeping car hostel and a diner car with scones and soup. Perfect! I think, I will feature it in another post...

Today I wanted to tell you about the swim. A few meters from the station is Glenfinnan Monument at Loch Shiel. From here you have a nice view on the viaduct from below. And I thought, it was a perfect place for a swim. It was not. There is a small beachy area where a dropped my stuff and changed into my wetsuit. I walked in and walked...     and walked ...  and walked...
the water wouldn't get any deeper! Finally I reached waist high water and got in, just to be in the water at least once! I came back really frustrated.
So I will forget about the swim and remember the steamtrain ;-)
Can't wait to go back and wait for the Jacobite to arrive!

You never regret a swim ....

Glenfinnan just off the A380, Inverness Shire, PH37 4LT, United Kingdom
The Station is reason enough to visit or spend a night:
Want to arrive via steamtrain?

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