Friday, 13 May 2016

The Old Man of Storr

The Old Man of Storr is a rock on the Isle of Skye. I saw a photo of it and knew I had to go there. I don't like long hikes, so it was perfect that I found a short tour on
We drove up from Portree and parked just off the A855 at the small carpark. The Old Man of Storr is famous and you will have company ;-) 
At the start ou pass through a small wood (if they didn't cut it by now...) and walk steady up. Once you are above the trees, turn around and look over the Sound of Raasay! The way up takes only about 1 hour, so take it slowly! Enjoy the view, sit down, take pictures and feel the way up is already part of the delightful swim on top...

The last part is very steep, but you see the Old Man, which is so impressive!
We were there in August and the weather was brilliant. The way up in tshirt and shorts was warm and also on top when you sit on the grass. You can walk even farer up and then you will notice at some point or around some corner a blast when the wind hits you. One step more into the wind, we all grabbed our jackets and hats! 
A meters down we could sit in the sun and enjoy a small picknick. I walked to the small lake to see how could the water was.
(is it a lake? it is small? what do you call it? A pond?)
I was warm again from the sun and the water was inviting. I took off my jacket, shorts and shoes and walked in. It was fresh, but nice and clear. I floated a little and enjoyed the feeling. Thinking about, that I had to change cloth anyway, I decided top strip in the water and skinny dip :-)
My sister had a small towel ready when I got out. It was chilly in the wind, but once dry and dressed I felt happy and pleased.
After sharing some Pick-up cookies we slowly started the descend.

You never regret a swim!

Isle of Skye, Scotland
The Old Man of Storr (off the A855)

Just have a look at google maps, it's amazing!The Old Man has it's own Facebook site with really nice photos. 

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