Thursday, 12 May 2016

Cologne heart

I posted that photo on instragram without a swim, just because I liked it. It was an spontaneous shot with my iphone.
There is a small story behind it of course.... otherwise how realistic is it to stand SPONTANEOUSLY at the rhine river at sunset with a heart balloon?!

My friend Laura visited for a friday night in Cologne. Instead of going to the Center we stayed in Porz. The annual Porzer Inselfest was on with a fleamarket, foodmarket and live music. We strolled around the market and had a few Kölsch (beer). For some reason Laura wanted to play "pull the cactus" at one of the booth, which brought us two purple plastic aliens to carry around as a price...
Speaking of which, perhaps you would have liked that picture even more ;-)
Or that picture after we coaxed the guy at the piglet-train to let us have a ride...

We finished another few beers and noticed that we still hadn't bought a present for Lauras boyfriend who was coming back from his USA trip. The booth with the balloons was still open and we bought a heart with Cologne city flag on it.
We strolled further down to the river bank and Laura stood on the ferry jetty. I took the first photo as a snapshot and then we tried some more poses with the sunset background.
I didn't have my DSLR-camera with me and the iphone has it's limits with little light, but I like the way the photo was taken.

Sometimes an evening with your best friend is as much as you need.


  1. Being with you is always an evening well spent :-)
    Thanks for the great time!
    And special thanks for the delicious (ice cold) peppermint tea ;-)

  2. Hi Anne,

    Really nice pictures and I love the quintessence "as much as you need".



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