Thursday, 19 May 2016

5 minute snorkel NZ

This swim was a swim that somehow failed...
In 2010 I visited New Zealands nothern island with my sister. One day we wanted to go to Catherdal Cove, an arch of rocks at the beach. From Hahei it was only a few minutes by car to Catherdol Cove Car park, which is literally the end of the road. There are 3 steep paths down to 3 different bays. Due to heavy rainfall the weeks before, the path to Cathedral Cove was closed. A sign pointed out, that we could take the second path and snorkel from that bay just around the corner...

We had brought our snorkeling gear from Germany and were very happy, that we could take "the cool easy way".
The way down was steep, muddy and slippery. The beach however was worth it! It was nobody there, so we left our stuff and went into the water. The snorkling was more difficult as it looked from the outside. With no knowledge of the local currents, we decided shortly before reaching the rockformation, seperating Stingray Bay from the next bay, to go back.
So unsatisfied we climbed the way back up to our car and I had this not so happy picture taken of the "it's only a 5 Minute snorkel..." 

The view from the carpark was stunning especially with the light, that needed no extra filters.

New Zeeland, Northern Island, from Hahei to Cathedrel Cove carpark

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