Saturday, 30 April 2016

Getting started

Wow, here I am, starting my own blog. 
Since 2012 I am telling my sisters, I will write my own wild swim book. Well, I never did, but this is the start to share my outdoor swim experiences with you. 
Since a was kid, I saw lakes, pools and rivers as a place I need to get into. Driving through Scotland just brought that feeling back. I drove past many lochs and needed to get into them. 
And I did. 

Coming back a year later with my sisters and friends, I needed to get into the waters again. 
And "Anne does a swim" became a phrase. There is no real translation of "a swim" in German, so that's the word...

which is the right place for a swim "

Later a friend asked how I knew, which is the right place for a swim. You just know. Come across a lake, have a look at the water and you know. 

I read some wild swim books and searched for places on the internet. There will be a link-list soon. 

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