Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Rhein river splash

Normally I don't like going by bike, but yesterday a friend of mine suggested a small bike tour along Rhine river.
I live on the southern edge of Cologne in the district of Porz-Zündorf and the Rhine river is just a 2 minute walk.
Yesterday it was a 1 minute ride by bike ;-)
We headed along the river to the south, but didn't get far.

I saw a small "beach"  (if you want to call it beach... it is really just a bit of sand on the river bank between two groynes, so it looks like a small bay...)
where children were playing in the water.
So we stopped for the first picknick at the beach and watched the action in the water. The kids were splashing about and two boys even dived. So I thought "challenge accepted" and walked into the river to find out that it was freezing cold.
It was 22 degrees outside, but the water had only 15 degrees  (I looked up the water temperatur online).
Nevertheless I was already in the mood to make a quick splash. I went further in and the two boys came up to ask, if I believed that they even had their heads under water and dared me to sit down. It tooked some time, but I went in splashing and swimming for a few seconds.

I changed into my jeans and we continued the bike tour, me being already very happy with the adventure of the day.
In the evening we found a small open air cafe with deck chairs. You can either sit on the "beach" Patio or at the river bank with your feet in the water.


51143 Köln Porz Langel
the next street is "In der Aue"
just walk along the foodpath next
to the river to find the "beach"

Please notice, that swimming in the Rhine river can be dangerous! Swimming is at your own risk! Wildswimstories expresses personal experience and gives no advise on the safety of the swim spots.                                

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  1. Hi Anne,

    I really like that post and the story. That's so you! And a short splash might always be fun during these sunny days in Cologne. Hope that the water temperature will be a bit warmer in June, when we participate in the Swim&Run Cologne Event. :-)



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