About Anne

Hi, I am Anne and YOU never regret a swim...    ;-)

On my blog you can read about swimspots in Scotland and elsewhere, underwater photography, swimgear and helpful things, favorite swim books and some more. 

I live in Cologne, Germany and even though I am German, I decided to write this blog in English to share my stories with the big wildswimming community around the globe.
Swimming for me is feeling the water, moving in 3D, being where not everyone else goes, finding small adventures and photos to remember.
Being in the open water means comfort and contentment to me.

I do sports, but only if I feel like it, so there is no striving to win.
"If God wanted me to take part in sport competitions, he would have given me ambition" ;-)
That is my answer, when people ask me about competitions or professionell training schedules. Don't get me wrong, I do appriciate the achivments of people who train hard for their goals. Even more I share the joy, when people tell me about their experience.
I like to share some of my experience with you.
Feel welcome!

You never regret a swim!

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